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Pre-Puppy Consultation
Bringing Puppy Home

Before bringing a pup into your home there are some essentials you need to be prepared for. So do you have all the things you need for your new puppy!


We can help your new little friend integrate smoothly into your family.


It will be a learning experience for the both of you to share, as we assist you in understanding your puppy’s behaviours and teach you important tools and techniques for everyday life.


Some of the topics covered will be:

  • How to introduce a new dog to children

  • How should I introduce my new dog to a cat or another furry animal in the household

  • Meeting your pups milestones

  • Living space and sleeping area

  • Toilet training

  • Training and Socialisation

  • Exercise and Nutrition

  • Leaving your dog alone

  • Vaccination and Vet Care

  • Microchipping and registration

  • What to buy for your new pup: food, bedding, walking equipment and toys

  • Settling techniques that your whole family can learn and use to best settle in your new pup


Puppies change so quickly and so can their behaviour.


As your pup meets their milestones we can offer additional ongoing support and training for you and your new pup.

So let gets started on the right paw and be prepared to bring your new beautiful fur baby into your family.

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