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When Can You Start Walking Your Puppy?

Welcoming a new furry companion into your home fills your days with joy, but determining when to start walking your puppy can be a common query among new pet parents. At Molly's K9 Training, we've compiled essential insights to guide you through this important phase of your puppy's life.

Understanding Your Puppy's Development Stages

Early Growth Phases: Puppies undergo crucial developmental stages. While physical growth is visible, their bones and joints are still fragile during the initial months.

Setting the stage for safe walking

Early Leash Introduction: Introduce your puppy to a leash indoors to accustom them to the feeling without overexerting their growing bones and joints.

Factors Influencing the Right Time to Begin Walks

Age Considerations: Veterinarians generally recommend starting short, controlled walks once your puppy reaches around 16 weeks of age to ensure their bone and joint development is more robust.

Signs Your Puppy is Ready for Walks

Vet Approval: Seek your veterinarian's guidance for approval before commencing walks.

Physical Readiness: Watch for signs of strength and coordination, indicating your pup is physically ready for short walks.

Behavioural Readiness: If your puppy is comfortable on a leash and exhibits an eagerness to explore, they might be ready for short, controlled outings.

Essential Pre-Walk Preparations

Leash and Collar Fit: Ensure your pup's leash and collar fit properly without causing discomfort.

Vaccination Completion: Confirm your puppy has completed their initial vaccinations before exposing them to public areas during walks.

Safe Environments: Choose safe, clean areas for initial walks to minimise exposure to potential health risks.

Starting Your Puppy's Walking Journey with Molly's K9 Training

We specialise in personalised training, considering your pup's unique needs and safety during the crucial walking phase. Our guidance ensures a positive and safe walking experience for your puppy.

Walking your puppy is an exciting milestone, but it's crucial to prioritise their safety and health. Following these guidelines helps set the foundation for a lifetime of enjoyable walks with your furry companion.

Are you ready to embark on safe walks with your puppy? Book our expert services now for a guided and secure walking journey!

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