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In-Home One-to-One Puppy Training.
Image by Rog H

If you’re ready to bring a new puppy into your home, you need to ensure you’re as prepared as you can be!


At Molly’s K9 Training, I can assist you with successfully integrating your new furry friend into your family as smoothly as possible.


Acknowledging that it will be a learning experience for both you and your pup, I will help you understand your puppy’s behaviours and teach you important tools and techniques for everyday use. An untrained puppy can become a dog with behavioural issues later on, so we will ensure you and your puppy can have a positive and happy relationship for years to come.


The early puppy weeks and months are a critical time for setting a solid behavioural foundation in place. I offer a 2-hour in-home consultation with the aim of helping your puppy assimilate into your home and with your family seamlessly, as well as teaching you how to establish a routine to suit your family’s lifestyle. I will provide you with all the advice and teaching methods you’ll need for how to best manage your puppy’s training now and in the future.


Training Topics Include:

  • How to address biting, nipping and chewing

  • Settling your dog into a sleep and feeding routine

  • Exposure to other dogs, people and environments 

  • Toilet training

  • Puppy Obedience

  • Separation anxiety, whining and crying

  • Establishing and setting boundaries in your home

  • Jumping on people and furniture

  • Destructive behaviours and digging

  • Continuous barking

  • Help your pup develop good leadership and puppy-handling skills 

  • Teaching your dog to sit, drop and come

  • Lead handling skills, loose leash walking and recall command

  • Socialising your puppy- it's so important to start your pup as soon as possible

  • Using a doggy door

  • Exercise and nutrition

  • Vaccination and vet care


As your pup meets their milestones we also offer additional ongoing support and training. Puppies grow quickly and their behaviours can change rapidly so get started on the right paw with your beautiful fur baby!


Contact Molly today to arrange your in-home puppy training on 0411 606 121

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