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About Me.

Hi there, I'm Molly, a certified dog behaviour and training expert with a completion of Certificate 3 in Dog Behaviour and Training from the National Dog Trainers Federation (NDTF).


My journey in understanding dogs doesn't stop there; I've taken additional courses in behaviour and training.

Growing up on a farm, my love for animals, particularly dogs, has been a constant in my life. From welcoming strays into our family to sharing my home with two wonderful dogs—Baxter, a playful Shih Tzu, and Billy, a charming rescue terrier—dogs have always been at the center of my world.

My professional journey began with dog walking, leading me to open a doggy daycare and extend my services to fostering dogs, dog sitting, and eventually dog training.


Since 2015, I've been running my own successful dog training business.

What sets me apart is my specialization in positive reinforcement training. I find immense joy in helping people bring out the best in their dogs, and this passion is at the core of my work as a dog trainer and handler.


Whether it's through my certifications or personal experiences, I am dedicated to the well-being and positive development of every dog I work with.


Certificate III Dog Training Behaviour

First Aid Level 2

Pet First Aid – Pet Tech

  • Aggression in Dog Masters Course

  • Michael Shikashio - Undertaking Course

  • Canine Science webinars  - Raise your separation anxiety game

  • Pet Professionals Guild Webinars – Pet First Aid, Behaviour Problems Compendium, Essential Training Puppy Course

  • Noble Canine – Conduct Behaviour Assessments in Dogs

  • Proud Member of Professional Dog Trainers Australia 

Image by Jametlene Reskp

A passionate and nationally qualified dog trainer based in Melbourne
with over 8 years of dedicated experience,

Comprehensive Experience in Canine Care

Molly's experience spans a variety of canine services, from offering puppy preschool sessions and managing a doggy daycare to providing trusted puppy private lessons. Her journey culminated in her truest passion: dog training.

A Personalised Approach to Training

At Molly's K9 Training, each session embodies Molly's personal touch and genuine care for dogs. Her dedication lies in nurturing well-behaved, happy dogs while fostering a deep bond between owners and their beloved pets.

Qualifications and Heartfelt Training Methods

Molly's qualifications were earned through the esteemed National Dog Training Federation. However, her approach to training goes beyond certifications—it's rooted in a heartfelt connection with every dog she works with.

A Passion-Driven Commitment

Molly's heartfelt joy stems from witnessing the happiness and transformation of her clients' dogs. Her belief in the power of positive reinforcement and personalised canine obedience classes drives her to make training not just a profession but a calling born out of her unwavering love for dogs.

Need help with your furbaby? speak to Molly today!

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